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Our Purpose

To celebrate what is good and true through the cookies we create. Our unique cookies offer countless ways to affirm a friendship, encourage a loved one, congratulate a success, love a neighbor, celebrate a special occasion, remind someone of their faith or share a random act of kindness.

 Our Mission

To impact people's lives through our faith-based cookies.

Our mission is to serve as an inspiration, empower others and give more than we receive through our faith-based cookies. We do this by lifting others up, extending a helping hand, volunteering our time to enrich lives, and offering the power of prayer.

Cookie Culture seeks to inspire through action and supports a mission of standing out for good in the world.

Together we will change the world for the better. We will positively impact those who need it most. We will warm souls, create happiness and spark joy. 

Our Story

We founded Cookie Culture to share uplifting messages of hope, joy, love & truth through the cookies we create. We value faith, family, freedom, traditions and the power of prayer. We became more and more aware of the need to be a light and spread the Good News of the Gospel. We’re grateful to be able to provide a fun and delicious way to permanently impact people's lives through faith-based cookies and products.

We recognize the cultural war we are in. We see the push for secularism. We are countering that movement and encouraging people to embrace a Biblical worldview with our passion for baking and our mission to lead others to Christ. Cookie Culture was created to be a part of advancing the Kingdom of God on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

We believe that when our ambitions are aligned with our greater purpose from God, we can achieve anything. Passion and the gifts from God always move us forward. We are able to connect with people through the power of prayer and kindness, and we believe both can drive and define the essence of our humanity.

We ship to customers around the US. If you want to share yummy, life-changing messages of hope, joy, love & truth, consider giving a gift from Cookie Culture. 

We love & appreciate you! 

God bless, 

Your Cookie Culture Family

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